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Chapter 1: Beginning the Bullet.
The planet Vegeta was at its last stand.The saiyans were useless and so was their planet.Frieza decided to destroy it, but alast,one still stands,Bardock.He failed to kill Frieza,but his heart of being still lives.Like Goku,saiyans were sent to planets to carry on their trilogy.This is a different story of two warriors sent to Earth.Earth was peaceful,amazing,and full of life.Until a god of evil descended upon Diablo,Argonius.Meanwhile,the two infants crashed on two parts of Earth.One crashed underground where a scientist found him inside his lab.The other crashed in the middle of London.The scientist thought of the things that he can do with the saiyan infant's DNA.He put DNA chips inside of the baby's heart,the werewolf,dragon,feral,and weretiger.Together,this could make the most dangerous creature possible to Earth.But then,the infant broke out of power and destroyed the lab with the power of his saiyan blood.After a while the infant rose from the rubble of steel and dirt.He survived the collapse of the lab,then was found by a warrior of an urban tribe.He was raised and trained by his brothers.The king and queen of the tribe took him as their own son.They named him Bullet Hakumunae.He was chosen to battle in the arena.The battle was interrupted by the god of evil,Argonius.He killed the whole tribe,Bullet escaped from the brutal end of his tribe.So, he set his mark to avenge his tribe's death.But somehow,Bullet felt that he was different from all the other warriors of his tribe.He felt,special.And it wont be long until Bullet meets his new enemies and friends,or mabye even family.


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im actually izzyreddragonjr


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